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Is this a good glass cutting table to get?

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Looking for something for mobile use I found this one its just under 3x2 and folds, we will be traveling in truck or sedan so looking for something that would fit in the back seat if truck wasnt available that day. 


Studio Designs Folding Modern Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table Craft Table Drawing Desk Hobby Table Writing Desk Studio Desk, 35.25" W x 23.75" D, Silver / Blue Glass https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004N75Z88/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_eXTuEb70RSQWV


I also found a glass dry/erase board that is 4x3 for $100 on amazon but no stand but is magnetic. Would it better for me to get something magnetic we could prop up vertically? Possibly on our car door? I don't want the magnets to mess up our car paint though. Probably not a good idea to use the customers garage door either? Unless put some kind of fabric between the magnets and the garage door and use really strong neodymium magnets?


 The work table tilts but probably not completely vertical. I read somebody here say that cutting horizontally you will get dust and debris which falls downwards on your tint. I do have a portable tent/canopy to work under. 


If this work table is no good can I get some recommendations? I'm not too concerned with price rather needs to be portable and fold and needs to be able to fit in the back seat of a sedan. 



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