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Tinting a 1972 BMW with Curved Rear Windshield


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I own a 1972 BMW with a curved rear window, and am looking for a high performance tint that can be installed in my car.  Another owner of this same model car posted this same question ten years ago; I am reviving Rob's old thread in the hopes that perhaps some new products have come on the market.


I have Huper Optic film in another car, and have been very happy with it.  I believe, however, that Huper Optic film cannot be stretched to fit my rear window.  I am specifically seeking a product with similar performance, that could be installed in my car.  Here are several examples of the car in question:




Here is the link to the previous discussion of this same question: 



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Your rear defroster (if it has one and it’s the original back window) will have oxidized ( i think that’s what’s happening anyway) suspect aluminum in the conductor and or super thin elements that just fall apart if you clean the window. They’ll have a white haze on them from the outside and appear black inside looking out. They just don’t age well on a lot of German cars.

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This is an old defroster line with buildup either from corrosion or a sticker? Not sure... this is nothing compared to the trash that is your whole defroster. Even if it never had tint installed those old german cars had very thin elements that disintegrate when you touch them. So what I’m saying is The film will look like shit unless either it doesn’t have a defroster, it’s a new not Chinese back window or you razor the lines off.image.jpg.6458d394d66508b92bfe3b19fa4a614a.jpg

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