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Double Pane Windows - Reflective Film

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Hello, I've been researching a lot about applying reflective film on the inside of a double-pane window. Is there any risk? 


The brand I use is Reflectiv SOL 101, with a total solar absorption of 33%.


I would also like to ask: Has any of you used APA Reflective Window Film (SI/WI-911) before? If so, what do you think of it? The technical data sheet says that for double-pane window it should be applied outside. Can I apply it inside anyway?



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Ask your film supplier for a film to glass chart.  General rule is you can go as reflective as you want on double pane clear but due to heat absorbed by darker films most say don't install darker than a 35VLT film

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According to this, it's meant to be applied on the inside. :dunno


In any event... it appears to be a silver film... and like you said, 33% absorption, which generally speaking is safe for double-pane windows, at least here in the US. 


I can't say much about the APA film.. can't find anything specifically online in a quick search. 





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