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Chinese Window Films

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Hello to all!

I was wondering if somebody has ever tried to fit window films made in China.


I used to work on Solar Gard's HP Smoke Plus and now i am looking for something relatively cost-effective.I am not talking like the worst ad cheapest quality that is available on alibaba etc.

After my research there are  a few factories in China like New Vision, Hanya,Hoho who claim that in some products they have 8-10 years warranty and they're nano ceramic, 2 mil.(decent IR and UVR) which would be around 120-140 usd per 30m roll which sounds profitable.

I was wondering if this chinese 'high' quality could match the low cost film series of big brands out there, without having customers coming back to me after a year or so!

Does anybody had experience?

Thank you in advance

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