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Thinking about starting a window tinting business. Any advice???

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I have a little experience with window tinting and my father has owned a window tinting business in the past, so he could easily train me. What I'm really wondering is how much it would generally cost to get the place up and running. My dad has most of the inexpensive equipment that he could give me, so no need to worry about that. Any advice is welcome from owners of window tinting businesses and anyone who has experience with window tinting. Thanks

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There are so many factors that would determine that. 


I (we) have had a few different shop start up locations throughout the years. The cost of start up is going to greatly vary. I think that one of the most costly things will be the shop itself depending on how much work it may or may not need. For instance, if you rent a place with trashed floors then you would probably have to get and pay for it to be redone. If you need to build out an office, a waiting room, even a roll-up door on the property then those projects will eat up most of your start-up costs. 


What you need to do is make a list of everything you will need to start your business minus things you may have on hand already like tools and equipment that your father gave you or if you have a personal computer that you will use for your business or are you going to buy dedicated one? Those are things to consider. 


We have spent as little as 20k and sometimes 30-40k+ on everything. It really depends. 


Start a list and I would be happy to assist and add to that. 

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it could vary greatly. rent or buying a shop. if you buy, its yours, if you lease its 100% deductible. film, tools, and advertising. rule of thumb, atleast around here, it takes two years of eating beans before any type of business takes off. i would recommend doing it on the side right now. its a horrible time to start a business. wait till next spring if your looking for it to be your only income. this virus deal has some of the most established businesses hurting. we have been in business 27 years and never seen it this slow

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Your location will determine if you will be busy within your first years. As a established installer/shop we can be located anywhere but as a new shop you want to be in a perfect location. I recommend opening next to dealerships or around other automotive business. Business bring in business especially if they are related. This will get you from 0-60 faster. Walk into dealerships and see if they already using someone or automotive service shop too. One of my locations is next to a dealership and they have tint in-house but we are still busy from them. Some clients don’t want to be over charge, they want good brand/quality, the dealerships send us overflow, the dealerships send us work when their installer is no show or sick....ect...


hope this help!!!! Also go to www.maopodstation.com to see all the kool equipment I make for this industry!!!

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Guest bbpearlv6

took my shop 6 months to grow. I now have consistent work flow everyday even having to push appointments into next or week after and about 3-4 customers that I want to take a day only. depends on location. If you go into it without having enough experience, you will be stuck on one car for the entire day. Do the experience with your dad first then once you have acquired all the skills, go for it.

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It sounds like you don't know how to tint or run a business.  Maybe take some business courses at the local college and get a part time gig in a shop to learn the trade first. Like learning to swim before jumping off the boat.


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