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Glass cut...window tint.

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So I went to get my dads brand new car tinted today. It’s and Outback XT 2020.

The guy that did the tint wasn’t there when we went to pick up the car.


Took pictures while we were there and contacted the guy about my rear window getting cut.


He said it should be able to polished out. I am going to give him the chance to make it right by fixing it but I highly doubt it will be able to polish it since my nails get caught in it.


I am also worried that polishing a rear glass could make the glass weaker and make it more vulnerable to cracks?


Also when you cut a window don’t you notice it right away and tell your client immediately?







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Also as you can tell half the glass is cut it’s not even a small cut...I think the only way to fix this is to get a brand new rear window. I just have a hard time believing polishing will fix this.


Am I being too anal about this matter? I’m sure if we go that route the guy will be losing money.

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