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Best way to lay large panels solo?

Guest Henry Yu

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Guest Henry Yu

Can anyone give me some tips on how to lay a large piece of bulk film such as a hood solo? I usually have someone help me hold the film up, spray it, and then transfer it to the car but I’ve been working by myself lately with no one around. I just want to make sure I’m minimizing as much contaminants as possible. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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Large glass panels hanging on a wall or something like that.  


Spray water on the glass, hang the film on the glass, remove the backing, wet it, wet the car, peel the film off the glass and lay it on the car..... 



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A table would be easier but you can use glass to lay the film. California (backwards) roll it. The trick is this: do not soak the first point of contact for the film. So if you’re ready to do a hood going right to left; leave a nice spot where it’s a little dry so you can tack it. This will hold enough to roll it out and set it on the left side. Hurry and go immediately back to the first dry spot, lift it and wet it. 

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