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Newbie tinter, introduction and questions

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Hi all. Firstly a bit about myself-


British guy living in finland! (ye dont ask)

Self employed sign and graphics, design manufacture and installation, 15 years experience.

Learning how to tint but very early stages!


So ive been looking through this forum over the past months, mostly educating myself on suppliers, the good, bad and ugly.


Tinting is something that ive wanted to offer for many years now. I get asked throughout the year and the nearest tinter from me is about an hour away so i think there is business to be had. However, im under no illusion how difficult it is and a million miles away from putting stickers on.

I will not offer tinting until (if i can) the standard of work is as high as the rest of my business. My reputation has taken time to build and dont want my tinting to affect it.

So over the past months ive tinted 3 back windows and 4 side windows, on my own vehicles or freebies for friends.

Now heat shrinking the rear is proving difficult, im using baby powder but need much more practice.


The brands available to me over here are (in order of price)


Suntek carbon

llumar atc


llumar atr


So far ive only used suntek carbon, im aware this is almost a budget range however being in finland, heat performance isnt really top of the list.


So are any of them better than others in way of heat shrinking? ease of fitting?.


Suntek carbon and atc are really what im choosing between, like i say havnt tested llumar yet.


How about tinting in winter? it can be -10 to -15c most winter days so what happens when you bring it out of the workshop? frozen tint?


So ye many more hours of tinting to do until im anywhere near ready to offer this service but any hints and tips much appreciated.



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13 hours ago, no ma'am said:

Use atc and offer atr as an upsell after you get it figured out.

Any reason atc over carbon? Its just my supplier for Suntek has been great, free samples and great communication. My Llumar supplier hopeless no free samples.

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