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Apple patenting changeable tint tech

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Nah, it would be way too expensive...regular customers wouldn't pay for it no matter if it is a dealership add-on or done at an aftermarket shop. Even if they teamed up with the manufacturers to come as OEM on some vehicles, it would not be legal in most states with the current laws. So even if it comes into fruition, it will not change auto window tint...the same way the electric switchable films didn't change flat glass.

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This seems like maybe the predecessor of on screen graphics. Like they'll have the speed limit fuel gauge etc right on the glass, you can get your emails and notification when you park i hope. Here comes the Apple iPhone F150, gonna make your windshield a see thru computer screen for cars we don't even have to drive anymore.

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Yeah it's cool and all, but economics won't let it happen unless it can be produced SUPER CHEAP.  They make these cars as cheap as possible. Even the high end ones.  

And let's face it, the value of the dollar isn't going up at any rapid pace.  I think it is still declining, if I'm not mistaken.  So this type of expensive addition to the automotive market doesn't have much of a chance of survival.  And it sure won't effect us any.   Just my useless two cents.  

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At some point in the future this technology will be utilized on many cars. Expect the glass to be adjustable by the dealer via computer program to set sate legal VLT. It wasn't many years ago that cars didn't have high performance glass as OEM. ..now its standard even on base model cars due to CAFE standards. 


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