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Guest leo

hey I am working on this project I have a building that want me to put tints on the front windows. but they Want to be able to see out and when people walk by front the outside won't be able to see them in the office. antone can help please. any advice.


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Yeah, and I wanna be a millionaire. 



Seriously though... In that kind of situation, two things are going to come in to play. If there is an overhang on the windows they have, and what time of day and/or weather conditions. 


You can put up a silver film... like a silver 20.. which is rather reflective. So if it's sunny...ish... people won't be able to see in. Seeing out, again, depending on the inside lights, people might not be able to see out very well. There are some silver films that are less reflective on the inside... 


You could also do the 1 way mirror films... which are generally in the 6-9% VLT range, give or take. They are super reflective on the outside but not nearly as reflective on the inside. But.. because they are dark.. they don't allow much light in. 


You're gonna have to present the client with films that offer a balance of privacy and visibility. 





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