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2020 Subaru Outback Factory Tint Color/Hue Match

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Can any experienced window tint installers tell me the best BRAND that matches the 2020 Subaru Outback tint color when looking from inside/out of the vehicle? I believe the 2019 generation also has the same tint. I'm looking for the best quality tint and the closest factory match percentage and hue/color so I can get the fronts tinted to match the other windows. I'm hoping this can save me time going to different tint installer looking for a match.




This video shows how the tint meters:




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If your wanting the closest shade to match the rear doors, a 25-30% will give you the best match. As for the color, does your stock glass have any blue or green hue to them? This will help narrow down a film since they all have their own look. However, there is nothing you can do to make it match from the inside looking outward. It is two different technologies, so it will always be noticeably different. The best you can hope for is matching as close as possible from the outside looking inward. Since Outbacks are not an everyday vehicle we do, I can't remember how the stock glass looks and the video doesn't really help much besides showing the stock VLT/shade.

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Thanks for that thread. It looks like F1 Pinnacle is a good starting point because someone mentioned it's a good match. There is no green or blue hue in the factory tint. I think it looks almost charcoal brown in color.

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