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Trick windows up on Mini Clubman

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Mostly all the frameless windows will trick up by engaging the door latch. I even have a tool that compresses the switch that is in the door jam on some model.


I Cant get the 2009 clubman windows tricked up, I have the latches in the shut position and can’t am not seeing any buttons in the door jams.


anyone have any insight on getting these tricked in the up position. Thank you!

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That is odd.  Are you sure you have the latches pushed far enough into the locked position?  Try pulling on the interior handle when you throw the latch. 


I don't recall having any issues with those. so if you figure it out let us know what's up.  

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Sometimes there is a double click before they go up like lm the challenger. I was pushing it Hard trying to get a second click. I’m going to try some more in the morning and we spent 20/30 minutes trying get it up. Thought it might have been because the hatch doors were open and that didn’t help either 

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