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Stay with suntek cir?

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I do mobile detailing and have added window film to my services about six months ago. I ordered a bunch of film from suntek, cheapest stuff to practice with and cir for my customers. I feel like ive learned fairly quickly and need to order more film including 80 for windshields. Im looking for a good ceramic thats not to hard to work with. I have only used suntek and wouldn’t really know if this is good film or not. I also have low volume so I cant order from some brands. I keep hearing not so great things and my main goal is that my clients are happy. I only offer ceramic. Do I stay with suntek cir? I need a good product for my clients.

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many better ceramics than suntek without breaking the bank.Global/lumar/avery/armolan(which is something reboxed dunno what).You can shrink them easier and get more clarity out of it.Just my personal opinion

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