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Flex film??

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I bought some of the earlier  runs back in 2013-14' the carbon held its color but had adhesive failure after 4 years. thats back when it had a blue color to it. Now their carbon looks more like a charcoal. shrinks good, good scratch coat, just a little iffy on the longevity. I have used global since 2010 and have to this day..., 0 issues. 

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I have a box of Flexfilm terraflex and box of Global nr 1.2 even tho I ordered from express i literally got global 😎 but anyways the global film looks GREAT! And it shrinks slow,  It’s stiff and creases pretty easy and yes it DRYS fast, but the time you do your next window it’s stuck! also when tearing the film away it doesn’t rip good at all, it even made me waste two pieces Bc the liner would rip onto the good part of my film, but it does match factory glass great,has a great brown color that I appreciate, Flexfilm color is good not my favorite,  shrinks great, hard to cut, but I do like using the product, and I agree I’m scared of the longevity of this product, I did research and spoke to Ralph and he said those adhesive failures were from the Gen 4 that he does not sell anymore, and that so far im hearing that the gen 5 is having a good run, I worked for a tint shop for 5 years and we used llumar and suntek, and few other top brands, so Im just new to tinting for myself and I don’t want sales reps and accounts. So I’m just trying to find a great product I can order freely online! Thanks for hearing me out! Bobby 

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Stick with Global. I had a bad experience with bad FlexFilm Terraflex and then a bad experience with Ralph, i guess like most of the people in this forum. I remember when i bought his film like 5 or so years back he was telling me even back then that the bad stuff was older film he doesn't have anymore lol so sounds familiar.

You asked this forum about FlexFilm, you'll get a bunch of people who try to tactfully say to stay away and if someone is saying the film is great it's only temporary, like most of us fools that gave it a try. Nobody in this group brags about FlexFilm and when you do the other tinters wonder what's wrong with you. Even if he had a great film i wouldn't deal with Ralph. All i see is a snake oil salesman. He'll be here to whine about how mean we are and how hard he's trying to find a film that works, which tells me you'll never know what you're gonna get and who knows what's been in those boxes the past 5+ years.

Now take the people who use Global, same stuff in that box year after year. That's called consistency without excuses.

This is what everyone is thinking but are tired of saying.

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My name is Ralph and I am the owner of Flexfilm.  Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the sport.  He once said he had to miss over 9000 shots to be the best.  Thomas Edison said he failed over 1000 times before he got the light bulb right.  I brought in carbon and ceramic film from East Asia well over a decade ago when nobody even knew what it was and before it was even ready for the USA market.  I had many failures from this product before I got it right.  Flexfilm sells over 1 million dollars of carbon/ceramic each month.  If you want to see why we sell so much, come give it a try.  If you want to know why we had so many failures along the way...  we do not sell that film anymore.   Thanks for all the comments and opinions.   

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