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Put Scraper On a Telescoping Wand

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Have an upcoming job where will need to scrape Anti Graffiti film off of the exterior side of one window while standing on an overlook.  And then squeege clean.  So would stand on the overlook and reach over the top of the glass (about 4' high) and then scrape downwards to remove film.  Could try attaching a Triumpf scraper to a broom handle but has anyone use any kind of telescoping wand that can more securely attach the scraper to?


If can't do it this way will have to rent a lift so it would be much easier if can do it this way.


Thanks to any who can advise



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Not sure I've used this technique removing failed external silver20 on a conservatory roof and it worked well. The pole I used was about 10ft with a heavy duty triumph scraper. I also used a corny keg and a lot of slip and scraper blades

My hesitation is because anti graffiti is quite thick and gets brittle with age but it does have a ps adhesive and so it cleans up well.

All the best with this work.

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