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is this a lofty goal?

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my old boss who had been tinting for 35 years would always tell tales of his prime tinting days.  he was still an animal and by no means anywhere near average even at 52 years old.  but he would always say he would whip out a four door in just over an hour.  He would do 6 to 8 a day.  I have tried and tried and the closest i have gotten is an hour and 45 minutes on a late model malibu.  Thats from the minute it goes in the bay up to ready to ship out status. In the pursuit of cutting time I have found that i cant really move any faster but have adjusted my technique to become more efficient.  i'm burned out after 3 full cars in 1 day i cant imagine doing more than that for an entire, week, month, Years! this stuff requires alot of focus and a stamina that i think can only be acquired through actually putting yourself through the grind and doing way more cars a day than your comfortable with until it becomes normal.  does anyone here know any 1 that has that kind of movement and swag?  is it an attainable goal? 

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Our goal is to complete a vehicle in 2 hours or less on all cars/trucks/suvs. We found this is our sweet spot to ensure we are turning out top-quality work and not rushing/stressing anyone which keeps everyone safer. We usually finish a little early and on some easier vehicles 30-45 minutes earlier. That extra time is great for cleaning the area, prepping for the next vehicle, or just taking a nice break. It is all about finding the balance that works for you. Some people want to knock out 8+ cars a day which is great if you want to stack up and retire early. However, if your still doing it when you were older, you got to ask was all that extra work killing yourself worth it? I see plenty of tinters focus on speed but being fast does not equal a good tinter. The only tinter that we ever hired that was speed focused had been around since the late 80's and was by far the worst tinter I've even seen in person. Now if it is taking someone 4 hours, then yes, work on that speed. 🤣🤣


Does your shop have cameras? I would watch a video of you tinting to see your movement. It will be much easier this way to see if you're being efficient or are you touching an area too many times or too much walking around. Like do you set your spray bottle on a table that you have to walk back/forth too. Basically, see if there is anything in your process you can minimize or cutout.

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12 hours ago, DynamicATL said:

Does your shop have cameras? I would watch a video of you tinting to see your movement...

See if there is anything in your process you can minimize or cutout...


^ This..

There should be no wasted movement, which is one of the things that comes with repetition and experience.

And just because you're fast, it doesn't mean you are putting out substandard work. I don't try to be fast. It's just years of doing the same thing over and over ( and over)...


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