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Questions about security film and sealant

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Hi all, I'm looking to install security film to a few windows to plug some security weak spots, since I'm only talking barely half a dozen windows I wasn't sure if a pro would bother with such a small job, although whether I did it myself or got a pro, there's a few things I need to clarify for my understanding:

1.If the film is only applied on the inside, does that mean the window's resistance to forced entry is only improved from the outside? Eg if I'm moving furniture and bump the inside of the window with a bookcase, will the film perform in the same way as someone hitting the window from the outside and will it help at all? 

2.With annealed glass in aluminium frame, I understand it helps to have an adhesive sealant between edge of the film and the aluminium frame so the window is less prone to being pushed out in one piece? (as an attempt at testing the film, I tried putting some 4 mil window film on a previously removed pane of glass from when my old garage was pulled down, it wasn't sitting in a frame just leaning against the side of the house, it only took a light blow with a hammer and it broke into several large chunks with the film still clinging to it, so I'm assuming the side you hit it from as well as what it is attached to/in matters?)

3.Following on from 3 above, if sealant is being applied, do the rubbers on the inside (see photo) get removed, or do you just apply sealant over the top of the film edge and aluminium?


Is there anything else I'm missing?


Any advice is greatly appreciated


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