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Perfect tint job with no dirt dots

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I've tinted a couple of cars and have never had one that didn't have some kind of small flaw.


I know the type of customer you have and they will never be satisfied and they will make sure you do not profit on their job. It's just they way they are.

Dodge that bullet and toss that turd over the fence.

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24 minutes ago, bpbv6-6 said:

what do you tell them if its over and over again, contamination on their windows, no matter how many times you cleaned it?


Give their money back and send them on their way, then hope they don't blame you for everything they find wrong with the car for the next year.

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I like to say anything is possible, but I haven't seen one yet. Once film is exposed to the air, you are going to get something on there. Not to mention film can come with specs from the manufacturer. We let the customer know real world expectations straight from the jump. If they insist they have received or can receive a perfect tint job, we let them know we are not the shop for them. Then once they find that shop to please bring the vehicle to us once it dries so we can point out all the imperfections. Only had two people take me up on it and both times were embarrassed when we found over 10 problems each job. It is like when someone comes in with a new vehicle and they insist their vehicle is perfect because it is new. Cool, let's go walk the car together then their jaw drops when we point out scratches, defects in paint, scratches on glass, etc. I love walking the Tesla Model 3 since it has the worst quality paint job I've ever seen from a manufacturer.

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4 minutes ago, TintDude said:


Give their money back and send them on their way, then hope they don't blame you for everything they find wrong with the car for the next year.

i had that happen the past few times with model 3 clients.. their chrome pieces sometimes have scratches but i dont go anywhere near their chrome, No knife on their vehicle as my shop has a plotter. One client the other day came asked me to take her tint off and refund because there were a few dust dots, I redid her tint 3 times, and it is on the same window. In the end she said she wants money back so she can have tint done at another tint shop. She msged me after a few days and showed a picture of melted rubber molding on her quarter window after the new tint job and her rear window wiper plastic cover piece missing. Another guy I redid his q50s twice because of a small line of dust in the rubber seals that causes the same line to keep popping up, eventually he asked if I refund the money in full but its up to him if he wants to remove the film or not.

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I have been tinting since 2013 and still think that there are shops who can do flawless install with not a single spec in it but like mentioned before - have not seen a 100% perfect job yet.

Plus if you get vehicle like that, its a very problematic to do clean install. I spent more time cleaning it than installing, but came out pretty freakin' clean lol.


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