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Perfect tint job with no dirt dots

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I've only seen a perfect job once and it was back in the late 90's. It was an install a guy by the name of Steve in Kannapolis NC did using LLumar's Platinum Plus. Looked over every window for quite a few minutes and then went in to ask Steve how he did it ... it was done when it was right. But, it was also his personal car. Def one in a million.

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when i started 11 years ago my work was dusty AF and no one said anything lol.  To this day I can think of only 2 customers that have brought back their vehicles to have them looked at. one of them spent about 2 minutes trying to find the specs. his nose was about an inch from the glass. in the end he was only concerned about the little defect getting bigger over time. I told him it will stay that way. he still brings me all his new vehicles and definitely keeps me on my A game. A quick tip is to mist the air before peeling the liner they do come out flawless most of the time. I always go over all the windows with tinters eyes and rub out dots here and there. the bottom loader tool from xpel has been a game changer for producing high quality installs without removing panels. 

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