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ALL VW back glasses failing?

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So I've been tinting a lot of new cars at a VW dealership for almost a year now. Long story short, almost all of their VW trade-ins have film that has failed on the back glass. Most of theses car are less than 6-7 years old. These cars come from all over the southeast, so i know its not a problem from one specific dealer using a cheap film. Driving down the road recently, i have noticed that a handful of jettas and passats have these problems on backless as well. Anyone else noticed this on VWs?

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I can't say I noticed VW specifically but I see plenty of newer vehicles with failed film in GA. If it is bubbling then most likely is cheap film. If it is just faded, I have seen brands like Suntek show fading in 4 years in GA. Also, could be Florida vehicles that have a combination of a lot of shops using cheap film and the harsh climate.

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