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Just trying to get Advice/opinions from some pros

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Hey fellow pros. I live in a mid size town and I’ve been tinting for about 2-3 years. Now I’m mobile on the side. I learned and worked for a primo shop it is the only shop in town. I changed careers and really miss tinting in a clean shop.  Pretty much I’m trying to consider opening up on my own. Shop or full mobile (shop is what i want to do most). 

I learned by plotting sides(unless a pattern was bad) and Handcutting back windows and shields. While being mobile I have had to teach myself handcutting the sides routinely. With a plotter I can do pretty much 3-4 fulls in a day (if I have trucks 5) I can generally do a modern truck in an hour-hour and a 15. Handcutting im at about 2-3 vehicles max. I’ve been slammed with work more than I can handle on the side. I think my town has room for competition but to be fair I respect my old place and would still highly recommend the quality they taught me but they are high. I can charge 200-220 for color stable/carbon which is priced lower and easily get customers. As long as it is not an old corvette or serious screw you car I can do about everything else in my way. I’d want to take an intermediate/advanced level course to try some of those with instructions prior to opening. Just looking for tips or advice about making sure I’m ready if that makes sense. I 100% think I am or right in the edge. My family hates tint so they are not really helpful when talking about business plans. They get stuck at “tints stupid.” Smh 

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