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Large commercial film cutting efficiency software

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Hello everyone,


Is anyone aware of any film cutting software that maximizes the efficiency of cutting security film or other films for large jobs such as 200 panes to 1000 panes? Having to figure the most efficient way to cut large security film jobs is very time consuming and hard to keep up with when work is busy. I understand a formula of this magnitude is very difficult but if anyone has a formula that they use on a coding software or any other programs I would be happy to discuss buying options. Thanks in advance. Any input on how all of you are taking on cutting jobs of large quantities would be greatly appreciated. 

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My business is installing high end residential/commercial flat glass solarfilm and security film and with that I have alot of variety in pane sizes.

The software I use is a subscription based package called Optimalon this helps me produce cutting plans very quickly and with a wastage factor of often less than 10%.

For cutting I have 60" & 72" wall mounted film handlers which can be ladder mounted for on site cutting.

If it is a large safety film contract I like to cut onsite and cut the film exact and install with zero trim which makes for very fast installing.

PM me if you'd like to see a pdf of a cutting plan.

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