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State of the Low E film market

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Can someone provide a info on the

state of the Low E film market in North America and internationally?

In New Zealand we have had Enerlogic, Ecolux, Thinsulate & Penjerex.

I'm fairly certain that Penjerex is no longer manufactured and have seen some very nasty hardcoat / low-e coating failures. There have also been rumours that Enerlogic is no longer being produced.

Thinsulate was having hardcoat issues which I experienced with it being damaged by masking tape and omnichrome wax pencils has that been resolved.

And that only leaves Ecolux which I have most experience with and haven't had any challenges apart from drying which was my fault using wrong squegees and not doing an extra pass.

Seeing the bigger picture and hearing other installers experiences would be great

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To me....there are way too many manufacturing/installation issues to stand behind any one film. Plus in my area well over 60% of the windows I quote already have Low-E. The times people have called to price low-e film on their shitty single pane windows I just recommend new windows all together. Hands down the better investment most of the time. :twocents 

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Agreed. There are too many variables involved with that type of film. Cars are so different from FG films and the needs of homeowners and businesses.... Glass types... locations.. etc. 



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