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What's Up with SunTek?!!

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Non-professional Newbie here, about to get my new ride tinted. 

First I researched tint shops in my area and narrowed down to 2.

Both highly recommended by local car club members & forums....both have near 100% 5-star ratings from customers.

Then I researched films. While there are always positive & negative reviews on every product, I've never come across any product with near 100% NEGATIVE reviews as I have with SunTek!  Yet the one high-end installer I really feel confident about told me they used to use Llumar, but switched to SunTek because it's a better film and they've had better experience with it!🤔

So here's my issue....One shop only uses Llumar ATC, the other uses only SunTek Carbon, CXP, & CIR.

What to do??!


This is a post from their social media page....

"Before and after of a rear window customer had done at another shop and as you can see, the cheap film will fail in a year or two..We use Suntek Carbon film that won't fade, turn purple, or bubble and won't interfere with FM/AM radio, radar detectors, cell phone service,etc.. We also offer a lifetime warranty with our film! Tint removal specialist with no damage to Rear window!"





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I've sampled all three of those suntek lines and while they weren't for me I will say I liked the CXP the best of the three. My biggest complaint with suntek, which echoes most others ive seen, is that it scratched way too easy during installation but im also really heavy handed. As a consumer you're probably not going to notice the difference and the quality of the installation  should be more of the deciding factor. 

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Suntek HP is da bomb,maybe a bit expensive for dyed film.I know people who use it and dont have warranty problems for like a decade.The carbon and the ceramic,i ve heard some negative stuff

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Just now, civicrice said:

+1 on the HP been on one of my cars for 7 years now no bubbling or fading. still looking limo black.  i don't think it has great clarity like say the global qdp but would use for the long term. great film. 

the carbon is garbashh

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They made a change to the film a couple years ago. It was to make the liner pull easier, which it does now. Also, scratching is gone and it scratched the same as global did for me. In the end, no matter the film they will all be gone after 7-10 years of heavy exposure. Nothing is much better than the next. I once removed f1 pinnacle at the 10 yr. mark once and it wad bubble and distorted just like the cheap shiat. 

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