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Question about "charcoal" window tint

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Hello, I am fairly new to window tinting and have been doing a bunch of searching and reading on the different types of window tint. I have found lots of information on ceramic, carbon, metallized and dyed window tints.


But when I am looking at window tint rolls to buy, all these suppliers have "charcoal" window tint rolls for sale and I can't find any information about it.


Is charcoal considered a metallized film, dyed film or something else?


Will it block cell/GPS signals and what kind of look does it have after installed?



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They are ALL referring to "color" when they use the term charcoal.  There is not any charcoal material of any kind used in the making of window film.  


Charcoal, carbon, bronze, etc. are defining the color or hue of the film  :thumb  

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