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Tint Questions - 2020 Ram

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2020 Ram 1500 Crew Cab


I have been researching tint options for my new truck and have a few questions for the pros:


1) For cost reasons, I plan to tint the two front side windows with Crystalline 50 and the remaining rear windows with 3M Ceramic IR 15 or 25. From a color standpoint, will this combination look acceptable? 

2) I believe the factory privacy glass has a VLT in the 20's. CA does not have restrictions for rear windows, however, I would like to maintain decent visibility out of the rear windows at night. Will applying 3M Ceramic IR 15 (VLT is 19%) over the privacy glass yield a final result that is "too dark?"

3) There have been numerous posts about the BCM (and other electronics) being damaged from water runoff while tinting the front windshield. My tinter has a lot of experience with the precautions needed to tint windshields on Tesla Model 3's. Is the "situation" with the Ram very similar, or is the Ram even more susceptible to damage? 



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The only one of your questions I can truly speak to is your second one. A 15% or 20% film applied over the factory privacy glass(almost always meters dead on 20% in my experience) in that application is going to net about 5%. Whether or not that's "too dark" is largely dependent on the individual making that judgment for themselves, if you're hoping to maintain decent visibility out of the rear windows at night I'd recommend going over them with a lighter film. A 35% will typically net in the 8-10% range and a 50% will get you closer to 15%. As far as your number 3 concern, I haven't done any full windshields but I've done plenty of sun strips on them and I've only ever had one that acted up and it was an older model that was fine after it dried out for a couple hours. That was also before I really started taking precautions to deal with the excess application solution. 

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