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Streaks on glass

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We tinted a customers Silverado a few weeks ago and he came back the next day asking about streaks in his windows. The film wasn’t dry yet so we told him to contact us in a few days so we could see how it looked after the film cured. He came back about 2 weeks later, streaks still there. So we retinted the driver door to see if maybe there was an issue with our slip solution or the film. The streaks are still there. It looks like rain running down a window instead of droplets like acid rain. It’s not the film, we used two different shades on his doors. It’s not the solution from that day as we also tinted his Malibu afterwards and it’s cured with no issues. The streaks are noticeable on both the front doors and the back doors that we went over the factory tinting. We’ve never seen anything like it and not sure how to help him. Any ideas would be appreciated. 



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:yeah   Like @no ma'am said it’s on the outside.  The thing is, when you tint the windows any exterior defects will be more obvious.   So streaks and dings that might not have been seen so easily when the glass was clear, will now show up easily. 

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Thanks for the input. We figured it had to be on the outside of the glass but we’re trying to cover all of our bases to keep the customer happy. I feel bad because it’s way more noticeable with the film applied but honestly it’s nothing we did. We’ve seen our share of acid rain, scratches, and pitting but this one had us stumped. He’s trying to be decent about it right now but I can feel an “ I want a refund” coming soon unfortunately 🙄

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You can’t create those streaks installing, they are in line with the window movement. (Too perfect for a human to recreate)and that’s not a new Chevy. Unless he threw sand in the seal to intentionally pull some shit there’s literally no way for you to have caused this. Too old of a truck for that conversation, feel free to quote me.

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The glass used in GMs seems to be softer and particularly susceptible to this. I keep some glass polish on hand, it does a good job of clearing up the haze from it. It won't take out any deeper scratches but it does a great job of restoring the clarity. @no ma'am and @Bham are right, it's nothing you did only more noticeable with the tint on. 

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