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2020 Range Rover Evoque


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Has anyone tinted one of these as yet?


I had one the other day and the front door windows were as per the previous models but the rear doors were a different ball game all together. 

I removed the inner door handle screw pulled the top part of the door card away from the inner weather strip but could not remove the weather strip in its entirety as it  was part of the window guide that sits around the channel. 

Some tinters say that you have to cut the inner weather strip at either ends to allow you to remove it separately but I was wondering if there was another way or better option without halving to cut this strip? 

Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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Hi Trailblazer,
sum one I know had one of these, and went through two pieces on the rear door trying to slide it in and install from the top to bottom. (using templates)
Sadly and didn't want to, though had to cut the weather seal for removal and was easy once removed.

It is a moulded one piece seal. the fronts are not.


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