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shrinking cannot master it help anyone

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hi everyone,,thank you for letting me join im new here so go easy on me its my first post,lol ...So im in the uk and ive been asked by the company i work for to start and tint windows and take the job role on as our window tinting has let ,ive only done it a few times and cutting the film tucking it in the seals i have no problem but when im trying to heat shrink the film i just cant seem to get the hang of it,i know u can only strink the film up or down but do i do this to the factor edge is this why i cant master it ive tried a few times and just end up the film just like curling up across the bottom where im trying to srink the fingers out or it just doesnt work im in work all work and they want me to spend this week and practice all week so looking for any tips to help 

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Find a easy test car like a new Nissan Maxima or a newer Camaro and learn to shrink on those cars. Super easy. Dry shrink using the H pattern. Use a quality heat gun, white cotton gloves and a heat resistant card (I prefer a gold hard card). Shrink one finger at a time from outer edge in. 

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