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Rayno S-5 film longevity

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Ive been getting back warranties on rear windows in 2-3 years using rayno s-5.

This is not acceptable especially when rayno makes you jump threw hoops to get paid. I can just see all the warranties coming in this year.

at 150.00 max per car its going to be a tough year. 

Ive been hearing good things about global ceramic films. What can anyone tell me.

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When I started getting burned the same way by ASWF crap, I did lots of research and found Global to be one of the best due to Garware being a core product company like Lulu.  Meaning they start from the beginning to make film, not the middle by adding laminate to someone else's core, like most of these failing companies like ASWcrap, FlexCrap, MaxProCrap, and RaynoCrap.  They either pass them selves off as a film maker when they are just laminators, or they rebox some cheap film in prettier boxes and call it theirs.  


Global is SOLID film.  Their 70% Ceramic is one of the best performing films "spectrally" across the board on the market.  Put it behind one of those expensive IR meters and see how well it performs.  :whisper    It outperforms Lulu, BTW.  

You won't go wrong with Global in my opinion.  It's what I sling all day everyday.  

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