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Remove windshield tint due to polarization patterns?

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My question has to do with heat.  I may remove my Ford F-150 windshield tint because of polarization patterns.  I have to wear my sunglasses.  They are polarized and I'm not changing them.  


Is there a way for me to predict the heat increase within the cab if/when I remove the windshield tint?    The side and rear windows will remain tinted.  They have Suntek CIR.


Much thanks in advance. 

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i'm sure someone could create a model that would compare the surface area and solar angle to predict the the change in tser, but since you've already decided that it needs to go, why worry about it? you could guess and say ~30%, but again it gets more complicated depending on which direction you park. id expect better performance if you park facing north. you could also put sun reflectors in your window when you park to keep it cooler for when you get back. 


hope that helps a bit.

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I have the same issue when I wear polarized sunglasses.  My fix is to wear non-polarized glasses and keep my windshield film.  I'd rather save my interior and keep my vehicles cooler plus not feel the sun on me when I drive.  I recommend the driving lenses from the Serengeti brand, you'll love them!  That's all I use for the last 20 years.

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