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Anyone notice adhesion problems with Suntek PPF since covid?

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Ive been installing for bout 18 years now, Suntek prob 10 years... Love the film, very forgiving, awesome finish(sometimes better than clearcoat on paint!) but lately Ive been having edges come up like crazy. It would normally take more than that for red flags, but I also noticed my squeegee not gliding as smoothly as usual, AND i feel like I've had to reduce my soap substantially to get effective sticking even in just tight grooves and corners, not just wrapped eges...

      Maybe some corners had to be cut during manufacturing? Ordering film was kinda tough there for a minute during the quarantine so maybe ya...

Or is it just me? Please, if anyone else has noticed anything a kin to this so I know I'm not trippin!

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I noticed it was taking longer to get the edges set but I blamed that on an alcohol shortage and the fact that my tack mix was maybe 95% water.  I order it in 40 gallon drums and finally got more in after a 4 month wait

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I have not noticed any issues with their film sticking.  


I do every now and then get a client that just couldn't wait and already waxed or ceramic coated their car and I've had one or two new vehicles that felt like the film didn't want to stick as well, but then the next car I have no issues.....  

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