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Is this light gap acceptable?

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Hi y'all! Last week a shop tinted 2014 Jetta Sportwagen with Madico Wincos. They've done work for me before, and it was perfect!


This time, one of the side cargo windows has peeling issues near the dot matrix, and the rear windshield has a couple 1-inch wrinkles on the side, so I plan to take the car back to see what the shop can do to fix those obvious issues.


My question is on light-gaps: On the driver side roll-up there's a light gap by the mirror that's noticeable from the driver's seat. Passenger side roll-up is fine. I've attached a picture of what I see from the seat-- am I being way too picky about this gap, or is it a legit mistake?


Also, it looks like the shop is switching from Wincos to Llumar IRX. How do the two compare, as far as heat rejection and quality go?




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