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Need advice - tinting 1992 Nissan 240sx coupe rear window

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I’m new to tinting windows and haven’t  had to do something like this yet. It’s my personal vehicle and the rear defrost makes this already very curved rear glass a big PITA. The defrost has actual metal strips attached the window to plug in the harness to. I can’t find anything online about tinting around these.. maybe I’m just not wording it correctly but all I can find is info on prepping the lines on the window but not where the whole defrost is attached to the window... I have a couple pictures to show what I’m talking about. One side the metal strip came off but the connector is still on the window. The other side has the metal strip but the plug has fallen off over time. What is the common solution? Cutting around those while fitting it to the outside of the window? E86C9A92-7334-4396-96A3-DCAD6F51EA8D.jpeg.e25b6bc007bcacde00eb2b0626c19b5a.jpeg2BE3D1D7-5971-43F2-9D18-52C70C1ADB29.jpeg.393df4d10aa801630cbc365a6cbec71c.jpeg

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I've seen it done a couple ways. I've seen people cut a relief strip out of the film before applying it so there's clearance for the defroster connections and I've also seen people mask off and paint the glass from the strips to the outer edge of the glass and then only tint between them. No matter what, it's not going to be fun. 

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6 hours ago, MitchmanS13 said:

Thank you both! Good info because I have a few buddies wanting me to do it to their same car.. heat shrinking this back window is currently my biggest problem now. So much curve on the ends... 

:yep some of those 80's and 90's rides are nightmares to tint, the coupes especially 

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What I do is shrink the window 100%, and cut the film all around exactly where it needs to be when installed. Then I'll hold a lamp through the inside behind the connectors and cut out an oval around the connectors. You'll need to shift the ovals about 1/32 of an inch inward to compensate for curvature of the thickness of the glass.  I get the film in the gap between connector and the side. It is a pain to get it 100% clean though.

But in all reality, if the defroster doesn't work and one piece is off, clean all the lines and plugs off and don't worry about the ends. F-it!!

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