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Film manufacturers Covid inventory issues?

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Global has been top of the line next business day delivery. For the first time they have been out of stock on certain rolls   . Delivery has been a week and still have not received shipment. Llumar is not shipping whole orders and what they can. Anyone else having issues with them or any other manufacturers? 

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50 minutes ago, bpbv6-6 said:

my supplier cant even get anymore avery dennison films at the moment. im stuck with cheap crap on brand name from them

Avery sales rep drop off some np pro and their ceramic and from my experience I say its crap film. Both films were thin. The ceramic didnt even feel like ceramic in my heat box. If I had to guess its a rebranded solar free. Smh 🤦‍♂️
The only thing ive been using their samples for is my throw away piece. A throw away piece is used after you remove tint from the backglass. Install it to catch any adhesive you might of missed then rip it off after a few minutes. Lol 

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