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tinter to be looking for advice!!

Lexen tint  

  1. 1. is Lexen as bad as i feel like it is?

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Hey everyone! 

My fiance and I are looking to start a small tint business on the side.

I know to be a dealer for all of the big boys I need to be an official business. How would y'all recommend becoming a LLC?

Right now I am just considering going through legal zoom for everything.

Along with these questions I'm still deciding what tint brand to go with. Ive just been playing with lexen because thats all I can get my hands on not being an official LLC. 

I nothing short of HATE this stuff. I know it has to be the bad quality of the film. My question is......what tint should I go with as a beginner? 

thanks for the help!

Josslyn and Justin

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9 hours ago, Josslyn said:

Not long at all I’ve just done one car. 


Yeah, no. How about you go to work for someone and actually learn how to tint cars. You would be out of business in a week.


Just because we make it look easy, doesn't mean it is.

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I'm still new here to. I've finally made it look easy is what people say. Its been a year now that I've started to do tint. Its not difficult to learn on your own. Just a lot of trial and error. Put it up and take it off till its as easy as 1,2,3. You'll never stop learning there's always something to learn in it. I use lexen and it has been good to me but i don't purchase the carbon i get the ceramic and my customers love it. I've tried many different films but I don't like working with them. I don't like how thin scorpion is but it is good film. but anyways watch youtube videos someone i watch is Tint dude. 

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