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Paper towel availability.....

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So, when I tint - flatglass - I use bounty paper towels. Back in March when things started to go sideways, paper towels and TP were hard to find.


Well, all the sudden, it seems, at least paper towels are once again, scarce. No idea why. Had to go to 3 places tonight to find any - and I didn't really care what brand. Just something cause I got a job tomorrow.


Has anyone seen the same thing where you are?  Just curious. Not sure why this would be an issue at this point, but at least in my city it seems to be so.




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Why wouldn’t you use the blue paper towels called shop towels at Home Depot or Lowe’s ? They work much better at absorbing water than the white ones ! I wouldn’t know if there was an issue here because I always buy blue ! 

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1 hour ago, Whyme said:

Why wouldn’t you use the blue paper towels


Price. Although it's been a while since I've bought them.... so maybe that wouldn't be an issue as much anymore. :dunno



I'll have to check them out next time I go to the store. :thumb



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Members mark, Sam's Club, paper towels replaced Bounty for me a few years ago. Not sure if they are a hard to get but they were cheaper. Little thinner but work just fine.  I use microfiber more than paper for all but wiping the outside of glass.  Also use them for pro-bond...

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I literally use 4 half size bounty towels per full car, 2 half size if only two front doors. Use a cloth towel on a rear deck if you're concerned of water damage, use the blue shop towels for your hard card.  Wal mart has the cheapest price on them. Use the heavy duty ones if you can find them, they have a waffle pattern to them rather than a smooth finish.  They're very strong, hard to tear.  You'll throw them away from being dirty rather than being torn.

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