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If you don't want to be affiliated with such company's like (3M, Xpel, SunTek, etc) but don't mind paying for a monthly or yearly subscription without needing to install their particular product(film), is there a company that some may know who can direct us in the PPF installation industry? I figure there has to be some genius somewhere out there that can make tons of money making their own software.

If not, I wish I could be that genius. Haha Thanks for reading! 

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On 7/29/2020 at 7:40 PM, FilmWraps - Rob said:

You are welcome to try our software free for 7 days.  After the trial period it's just $39.00mth. plus $2.00 per plot. No long term commitment, cancel anytime.

You can head to our site and sign up or give us a call and we will walk you through the process.




Best patterns I've installed in my career.  Maybe a bit intimidating at first by how close the tolerances are, but I have discovered a great fitting pattern is always easier install.Resized_20200604_093028(1).jpg.908fe8abe438d9c58487589c8dcf276a.jpg

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I'm very frustrated with patterns & the companies that make them as a whole.


Problem 1.  Often the patterns are 'pretty good' BUT either don't wrap around an edge or come as close to a non-wrapped edge as much as I would like without needing a strong stretch where one should not be needed.  Other times, you need to pull tight to get rid of fingers but that distorts the pattern.  Yes, you can just squish down a finger sometimes but that is a spot that is BEGGING to pop up during the first car wash or rainstorm.  Then it packs with dirt and just has to be trimmed back now to look bad. 


Problem 2.  They make exceptional patterns that flow reasonably well onto the car BUT they are a smaller operation and only have a few models for the current year or are somewhat new to the pattern market and don't have anything from 5 years ago or older.


Problem 3.  They charge too much a month for access.  It's great to pay $300 a month if you are a huge operation kicking out 100+ cars a month but there should be a simple 'per pattern' plan based on inches or feet of cutter movement that would be better for smaller operations that use patterns rarely.


Problem 4. Only allowing access to patterns if you are exclusive to that companies film.



I realize and accept that my bulk installations make me produce work much slower than if I adopted patterns in full but Every Damn Time I give a pattern a go, the poor fit, the lack of a pattern at all for a certain vehicle or the high cost just to have 'access', even if not used for a whole month just keeps kicking me back to doing it in bulk to give my customers the quality they deserve.  In order to really adopt patterns in full, I'd have to have access to all the makers out there and pay a huge premium per month.  (Or accept a hit in quality using patterns that just don't get it done well)

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