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Acceptable install? Bubbles, dust, fibers oh my.

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Recently had my wife's 2018 Golf Sportwagen with 3M Ceramic IR tint at 50%.  This is my first experience so I really don't know whats acceptable or not.  Selected a local shop with good reviews, plenty of photos of tint jobs on nice cars in their website and Facebook.


Got the car back and there are bubbles and/or dust and other debris behind the film on half of the windows.  The rear hatch area was the worst, and I have attached photos.  I contacted the installer and they said they didn't think they could do better than they did on the original install, and offered removal of the film and a full refund.  He said the 50% film is very light colored so it's much easier to see imperfections.


Is this really the best install I could expect?





They also left me a surprise in the back seat.



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I’m up in Asheville, so about 4 hours away. Plus I don’t do auto anymore. JH is over in New Bern, still a haul from Raleigh but he might know someone or have a recommendation for a shop that’s closer to you. Prob worth giving him a call if you can’t find anyone. Just google search Hardison Window Tinting. He does top notch work and is a great guy. :hat 

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