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Need some advice - Reviewing a work I did

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Hey! Yesterday I tinted my 7th car, a Gran Coupe (Series 4). 


The back window went really well, and it came out almost perfect. 


But the frameless rear side windows were harder than what I've expected. How do you approach those one? The main issue I had was to find the right amount of margin to give at the bottom. It took me almost 5 tries to get it right. Do you have any tricks for that? Sometimes I gave to little margin, and when I closed the door there was a gap. Other times I gave too much and I could not seem to be able to pass the film through the gasket. And even tho I got it right, it was really hard to make all finger dissappear a the bottom, although I've shrinked it...I may had done the shrinking wrong tho.


Also, about the side margins, it came almost good, but is there also any trick to get the right amount of gap? Just so when I pass my finger on the side I don't feel the film.


Finally, about the dot matrix, I don't really feel like sanding the dot matrix. Will it eventually dry up correctly?


Any other tips will be highly appreciated!


PS: I woud like not to have to dismantle the doors. 🙂


EDIT: I just found out, after watching some videos, that it is possible to keep the frameless windows all the way up, with the door open... 😢 It would have made my work SOOOOO much easier.


Thanks guys!

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That's right man, close the latch with a screw driver.  Its the same for camaros, challengers, and almost all frameless windows now a days. For future reference, the Hyundai Genesis and the FRS style of vehicles have a pin on a black base, unscrew the screw preferably all the way out. 

Good luck! 

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