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New vehicles with electronic issues errr!!!!

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It’s really starting to make me dislike our industry and throw in the towel all kinds of vehicles with defroster issues and electronics they get damaged or could possibly get damaged is making me want to leave the auto industry anybody else feel the same? Tesla’s and Mercedes and dodge windshields come to mind. Twenty years of tinting getting over all the possible liabilities 

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I have a mercedes van i tint out of......and YES !!!!! electronics all over the place go bad......so many warning lights go on for a day or so then go off.....radio already issues and I can go on..... new vehicles and their bugs......I guess the engineers from years ago were better than the new ones designing and putting stuff together 


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G'day all.

Very long time no speak but If I had my time again,(retired) I'd drop auto and only do flat glass.

The whole ball game has shifted substantially where cars once were so simplistic it isn't funny.

What the OP is referring to is spot on and as JC mentioned, it's sad that we an industry have to cover our arses just in case.


FG is always going to be more lucrative and it can take many years before the current crop of window tinters find this out.




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