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2001 cherokee

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Had a customer that came in with an 2001 jeep Cherokee, the rear window has the black ceramic, the 2 rear side windows did not. They were full of crust and dirt and went really deep in, Theres no way you trimming rubber out to hide the edge of the tint.

I told the customer there will not be edge to edge fit and may have some degree of contamination in them. Well he wasn't having that, The only way to tint those 2 windows perfect is to pull them glass out with 20yr old rubber and remove the interior around the window, also the paint had pealing problems. I and he passed on tinting the car then. He was expecting that I can tint those 2 windows with no gaps and no dirt.  Are these type of jobs even worth it. He was also supposed to send us a pictures of those windows before he brought it in.   What a waste of an appointment slot today. He was a nice guy though.

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