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I half to give a huge shout out to some truly great people that I met on here. Most have never heard of me, but I met some great people on her e years ago.  I live in Lake Charles La. and we were just devastated by Hurricane Laura.  Two old friends that I met on this site, John Flemming “Tint Wizard” and John Champaign JR. “Cajun Tinter” have reached out to offer support, just out of the blue because they are awesome people!    Right now there’s really nothing anyone can do, but just remember, there are great people on this country that would give you the shirt off of their back, and these are two of them that I would have never met of out wasn’t for this site.  Thanks Tintdude for a great place to meet really cool people!

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Thanks, my family is safe and that’s the main thing.  I just wanted you to know that you helped put some great people in my life that I would never have met otherwise.  Thanks Rick!

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