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Identifying a mystery film

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Hey Tinters, My dad was one of the original tinters.. he started our company "AMCO Glass Tinting" of Honolulu in 1961 (it was called Sun-X then).

It was a liquid flow-on product then.. like paint for glass. Since then we have used all kinds of films to meet all kinds of needs. Still no one knows

everything and I really NEED HELP.. I am bidding on a job with no sample product listed like a.. such as: "Llumar, N-1020 G, Sputtered Grey or

approved equal that meets or exceeds the specifications".  The film they call for is a "polymeric vinyl" something I've never heard of,and the specs

are very convoluted and even seem contradictory at times. Does anyone here know about that kind of film?    If you have done any work with this

stuff I could send the specs and maybe you could identify it for me?  Polymeric vinyl??? not something I'm familiar with..

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