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Like Civicrice said Practice. Do all of your family and friends cars that will let you. Your work will say it all. Its really up to you on what to charge them. When i started out that is how i started. Did a lot of cars for free and did some just for the cost of the materials. The pricing really depends on where you are located. My main piece of advice i could give you is learn from the mistakes you make and move forward with it.Practice shrinking more than anything

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Don't do for free. Charge a good rate but be willing to make it look great no matter how many times you have to do it.  


Do great work and you will get the business.  Today you should be working advertising like here and Facebook...get in touch with glass shops, stereo, custom auto, any place that people would look for tint. If they aren't doing tint then connect with them and get the referral. Take care of them though. Buy lunch, give them a cut, something.

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