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Lint defect normal, non refundable?


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So I paid 130 pounds to have tints done and the rear dried with a 1 inch approx scratch mark looking line on it. Which he says is a bit of lint



When i took it back the tinter was extremely dismissive, abusive and aggresive , that a defect like this was normal ,and i was the one being a jerk.


He point blank refuses to redo it or take it off and refund me


Im going to try all sorts up to and including small claims court to get my money back, just on principle alone because of his attitude.


He stormed off in a rage and brought out his heat gun to 'fix' it, only to turn it from a straight line into a big squiggle.


Ive even asked for 50 quid partial refund and he wont hear of it. Seems he thinks he can defend this in court which i threatened him with.


So I ask you, am i being unreasonable.








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Lint can come from many sources.  It could be flying around, your rear deck, the absorbent cloth, he could even accidentally put it on there with a squeegee if the squeegee was on a towel or your seat prior to cleaning the glass.  If the tinter was a jerk about it, it could of been he was having a bad day and reacted out of frustration, not the customers fault or the customer might of been more aggressive than needed.  At the end of the day, it could be replaced but keep in mind that another lint or a cluster of dirt can reappear and a customer cannot expect a 100% perfect job everytime.  The lint is aesthetics, it won't affect the film in any way.  The few times I've had imperfections brought to my attention, I give the customer the option to replace with the understanding that it could end up the same or worse, but at that point the customer accepts it in that fashion. 

Good luck.


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