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MotorShield Pro Premium

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I am a significant noob when it comes to window tint. I am the very DYI type, I have personally done the window tint on all of my vehicles. I am the TextBook definition of the "back yard - Youtube guy," which also means all of my work looks like trash until I take the true time to learn the art. Ring my own bell - I feel like the intuition YOU are experiencing as you just remotely imagine the work I produce is exactly as YOU are thinking of. BUT, I am truly wanting to get more efficient at this art.


Therefore, I am accustom to really low quality film. The type that would make professionals like yourselves absolutely cringe to the unboxing, unrolling, how the film lays on the glass, the discusting blue / purple look to the interior view and the overall exterior view of - after installation. Gila, Mkbrothers - all your amazon film purchases, as well as auto zone purchases is what I am accustom to. I wanted to ask for honest opinions on this new type of film I am trying out. I just purchased MotorShield Pro Premium 2mil Nano Ceramic Film, one roll of 5% ( 36" x 10' ) for the front, passenger, and rear glass - one roll of 50% ( 30" x 10' ) for the front windshield.


I am wondering if anyone out their has used this tint, as well as what was their experience with this tint, and was it a quality look? I also wanted to 'tac' in an additional question, because I really want to have a reportable company that produces high quality tint that is able for purchase from a non-profession, non-business license  holding, definite crease factory like myself. Would anyone care to give me their two-sense on these walls I keep running into. Where and how do I obtain high quality tint on a personal / private scale for me not only to learn on, but to have a quality work performance as I get proficient with this very specific art.  I am also posting this in the 'General Discussion' section of the forum as well, because I also have a general question for this population of experts.


What are some tips that you experienced professionals would give to a 'newbie?' How can I effectively turn my technique to allow for quality outcomes? Is it the all in the technique of preparation of the interior glass, executing precision cuts, hard - softer bladed squeegees etc? I know my equipment and actual film need significant improvement in both quality and in brand type of film, but how could one obtain these higher quality equipment? 


Now I do not blame you if you glance over this, shake you head, and keep moving; because I know that this is very tedious and very 'annoying' for lack of a better term. That, the one that is lower than the level of amateur is stepping out into the ring of higher, executive, professionals. Youtube has definitely assisted me in critiquing my technique and expanding my knowledge. But I thought this would be the perfect place for definite and reliable advice. 


But, I would truly be honored to receive your responses and it would be more than humbling to be able to receive tips, tricks, learning methods, and how to obtain high quality film / equipment for this very specific art. As always thank you very much for your time, I do greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!!

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My personal opinion is get in touch with a reputable company an work with there film an learn from it, practicing with cheaper tint to get the feel for things is ok but once you move to better quality everything you learned from the cheap tint is out the window! In a sense, cause all film reacts in different ways, heat shrinking being the main one, I’d call around an get a few samples shipped to you from different companies an see what feels best to your hands an practice it until your finger tips bleed.

as for tips, When I started out doing this a buddy of mine showed me but I also was in the garage almost every night tinting my own 3 cars over and over and over. Id cut it out, install it on the inside, the peel it right back off an start again. Gather up a few buddys an tint there stuff, I even tinted probably the first 20-30 cars ever for free, I lost a lost of money up front but once you get it down it can be a very rewarding learning experience 

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