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Looking For Tint Repair Advice...

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Warning: I am not a pro...just someone trying to fix a tinted car window.

Here's my situation:

I just had my driver's side door worked on to fix my window not opening and closing properly. When the tech worked on my car door, he made a dozen or so dings in my window tint that I first thought was something I could just wipe off until I saw there was a bit of grease and small dings that make the tint look lighter where those dings happened.

My question is...can I blow the warmth of a hair dryer on those spots to see if they might melt and seal back into the tint or do you think it might make it worse? My car is too old to spend the money to replace the tint on that window, but I'm just curious if I could repair it with the heat of a hair dryer.

I hope you'll help me out...thanks in advance.

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Yeah.. .no tint is 'repairable'.... It's just like a piece of paper... if there are tears or nicks in it.... it can't be... repaired. 


I know PPF has films are supposed to fix themselves for minor stuff... but tint is a whole lot thinner and once it's damaged, it's done. 



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