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Starting out... not really but

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About a year ago i left the dealership that i worked at doing Window Tinting & PPF using Llumar’s Film & Software. I’ve now moved on to a Wrap Shop but recently bought a brand new FC9000 series plotter to do window tinting on the side for myself and was wondering what would you recommend me for Film Brand & Software to start out with?

I’d really like to use Llumar again but since I’m starting out and tinting from home, it’s not an official buisness nor do i have such volume yet.   (as they/and others require i think) i wouldn’t be able to meet their minimum requirements to become a dealer.

What would you guys recommend for brand & software that doesn’t require some sort of big vetting process. I’d like to just order materials and get started. 

As of now I’m going with Scorpion for Film & Film Vinyl Designs for software but just looking to see what others would recommend! 

thank you!


also, for those who are dealers for the big name brands... if you don’t mind me asking. what is really needed to become a dealer besides being an official buisness? Just curious!

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I got llumar without any problem when I used them.  Had been in business years but do NOT have a business "license" as I don't have to have one....


I wound think that the cosy of the software would be a lot to justify if you are just tinting on the side.  Unless you get it super cheap somehow.

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