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Hey guys. I’m having some trouble with my slip solution. I’m thinking I’m adding to much soap as the tint is slipping around a little after squeegeeing it. I still got it done but need to be more efficient. What ratio do you guys recommend? Do you use baby soap? 

also do you guys heat shrink the side windows? 


thanks in advance for all the help. Sorry for the noob questions 

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Slip ratio is really a personal thing.  If you think it's too much then just go less until you like it.  I like mine to slip well and if it isn't setting fast enough I'll hat the window up a bit.  I use a ts8000 map gas torch thigh so it's just a few seconds to do.


If i get a window that is binding up I have a "heavy slip mix" bottle I'll spray with.


I don't shrink side windows except something like a bug.  Most don't need any that I see today. 10 to 15 years ago was a different story.

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